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5 Best Cycling Gift Ideas

December 1, 2016

Need cycling gift ideas but don’t know where to start? Fear not as Pedaloff have compiled our list of the best cycling gift ideas that will put a smile on the face of any cycling enthusiast. visit any cycling store or online retailer and you will be hit with a barrage of products that without the know how can seem very daunting. Our cycling gift ideas cover a broad spectrum from novelty to very practical so you’ll be sure to find something for anyone. Here is our list of best cycling gift ideas which thankfully are all available online so there is no need to leave the sofa!

Ass Saver Original


It doesn’t have to be pouring down with rain for a cyclist to get wet. Often its the water and wet mud that is flung up from the rear tyre that can leave a very suspicious brown line of mud up their back. The Ass savers new and improved ASO-3 is compatible with almost all standard rail saddles.

It is a breeze to mount and once fitted can be folded and stored underneath the saddle or easily folded out when the weather turns bad. The design is very simple but quality and durability is not impeded.

The Ass Saver is one size fits all so all you have to do is choose from one of the six available colour options. At less than £5 this would be a great gift for any cyclist.

Buy Ass Saver Original Here


LifeLine Essential Bike and Chain Cleaning Kit


Top Features of the LifeLine Essential Bike and Chain Cleaning Kit

Maintain your chain and drivetrain for fast, precise shifting and silky smooth pedalling action
Durable plastic chain cleaner mechanism for deep cleaning and degreasing with minimum mess
Clean your chain without removing it
Brush rollers reach grit and oil between the chain links
Detachable handle for compact storage
Degreaser fluid not included
2 specially shaped brushes for cleaning your chain, cassette, chainrings and derailleurs
3 brushes for reaching dirt in hard to reach areas of your frame
Comfortable ergonomic handles
Mesh bag with drawstring for convenient storage and transport

Do you know someone who spends their weekends down the garage tweaking and cleaning their bike to perfection? If so then this is an essential gift for them. The LifeLine Essential bike and chain cleaning kit covers all bases when it comes to bike maintenance.

The kit includes a chain cleaning and de-greasing mechanism which allows you to clean the chain without removing it. As well as this you get specially designed brushes and a mesh bag with drawstring to tidy it away. The Lifeline Essential bike and chain cleaning kit is compact and very easy to transport around.

This kit will prolong the life of the chain along along keeping the bike running safely, quietly and smoothly. This is a great practical cycling gift idea for any cyclist.

Buy Lifeline Essential Bike and Chain Cleaning Kit Here


Crank Brothers 19 Function Multi Tool



Top Features of the Crank Brothers 19 Function Multi Tool

Selection of 19 tools
6051 high tensile steel/6061-T6 aluminium construction
Lifetime Warranty
Stainless steel carrying case included

Crank Brothers are renowned in the cycling world for producing the highest quality multi tools and the 19 function is no exception. The 19 function comes with its own stainless steel containing so you chuck it in your rucksack and be prepared for any trail-side repairs. You can literally strip a bike down with this single tool, making it a must have for any cycling enthusiast.

As the name suggests you get 19 tools in one including :

Allen Keys / Hex Wrenches: #2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
Screwdrivers: phillips #1, phillips #2, flat #2
Torx: T25, T10
Open wrench: 8mm, 10mm
Spoke wrench: #0, 1, 2, 3
Chain tool: 8/9/10 speed compatible

Crank Brothers lifetime warranty policy backs up the quality reviews that this product has been given across the board. If you are stuck for a good cycling gift idea then this is a very safe bet.

Buy Crank Brothers 19 Function Multi Tool Here


Park Tool Pizza Tool


The park tool pizza tool is a fun cycling gift idea for any cycling fanatic. Its a fun product to pull out when friends are round for pizza or just a nice novelty piece to have on the side in the kitchen. Unlike many novelty products the Park Tool Pizza tool actually functions very well and is a strong, durable product.

Park Tool are a well respected bike tool manufacturer and they haven’t let their standards slip with this. If you are after a affordably and fun cycling gift idea then this is the winner.

Buy Park Tool Pizza Tool Here


Wiggle Gift Voucher


The final suggestion on our cycling gift ideas list is the good old gift voucher. Although we have brought you a wide range of cycling gift ideas we can be sure that we haven’t covered all bases. When buying such popular products like the ones in our list you can never be sure that they already have them or you’ve chosen the right colour…

Gift vouchers or money as a gift are often seen as an easy option that hasn’t involved much effort. However, a cycling specific gift voucher shows you know their interests but you are not confident enough to pick something out.

We have suggested Wiggle our go to cycling marketplace. They are one of the biggest online cycling suppliers in the world with their company origins going back to the 1920’s. Wiggle offer vouchers from £5-£100 that can be emailed directly or you can print it out and give them as a present.

Buy Wiggle Gift Vouchers Here 


Here we have covered a very small amount of cycling gift ideas out there. Our aim was to test and review a vast range of gift ideas to bring you our top list. we hope that our best of list has helped you to find the best gift for or at least given you inspiration to find something for a loved one. As always we are always open to comments here at Pedaloff. If you know of some other great cycling gift ideas then please add them in to the comments below.



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