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Best Commuter Bikes Under £500

May 23, 2017

So you’re planning to get a bike that you can use around town, kudos! You’re not only saving money, but you’re also promoting fitness that benefits health. Not to mention, you might even arrive at your destination faster than a car. There’s no denying that commuting using bikes has brought so many upsides that lots of companies invest in it.

Commuter bikes can be categorized as hybrid bikes which have the qualities of both mountain and road bikes. They have big padded seats along with upright handlebars enough to give the rider a comfy riding position. They can be ridden in both paved and unpaved roads, although they’re not as light as road bikes and not suitable for rough bike trails. A hybrid bike typically features a semi-smooth tread and medium width tires; this is to give you a ride smooth enough to ride on pavement yet able to ride through unpaved trails.

Bicycles were invented in 19th century and as of now; there are more than a billion of bicycles worldwide. Before, it was only considered as a means of transportation, but now it’s also treated as a way to exercise. Certainly, you’re here not just to know about bikes, but considering having one for yourself. Here in this article, we’re going to tackle the best commuter bikes under £500.

Choosing a commuter bike isn’t an easy task to do, it’s almost like buying a new car, but of course minus the big sums of money. Whether you’re planning to use a bike every day or every other day, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be spending a significant time riding it, so you might as well pick one that is best for your budget.


Types of Commuter Bikes

Certainly, there are many kinds of commuter bikes and your choice will depend on variety or reasons such as the surfaces you’ll face on the trip, terrain as well as distance. Also, picking the right bike for your lifestyle will give you so much ease when commuting. Below are some of the most popular kind of commuter bikes that you’re probably familiar with, read each of them below to know more.

  • Hybrid Bike –

    is probably the most famous among all kinds of commuter bikes. It’s called hybrid because it’s a combination of both road and mountain bike. It features the usual skinny tires of the road bike, only slightly larger, so it can still work through rough roads. Most of these bikes has a flat bar, so the rider has a better view when biking through the city. Lastly, since some hybrid bikes feature disc brakes, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to use this bike in any kind of weather.


  • Folding Bike –

    Short rides? Then a folding bike is the right one for you! Folding bikes are tremendously popular, especially among city commuters because it’s storage friendly and exceptionally lighter than other bikes. There are bikes that can fit under a desk and even be brought in trains or busses. Because of its size, a folding bike won’t be able to handle rough terrains and long rides due to its small wheels, which is why it’s only recommended for short rides.


  • Road Bike –

    because it is light, road bikes are considerably the fastest among other types of bikes. This bike is good for paved roads and often used not just for transportation, touring as well as fitness riding. They frequently have light drop bar handlebars, so the rider can have a better position to make the bicycle move faster. However, it’s only suggested for people living in the city due to the cemented roads. For first time users, road bikes aren’t recommended because of its positioning, users are reported to be uncomfortable riding it, but it’s a good choice for commuters looking for a faster way to go to work.


  • Mountain Bikes

    – is another prominent commuter bike with their knobby tires, better braking systems and shock-absorbing structures. They have lower gears than other bikes so it can swiftly handle steep terrains. Because of its large tires, this bike is slightly harder to work with and slower than other bikes. However, it’s the ideal one for steep trails and rocky roads. Another good thing about mountain bikes is that they’re generally cheaper than other bikes.

Advantages of riding a commuter bike

For most people, riding a bicycle can be thrilling as it mostly brings nostalgic memories of their childhood. Besides, who would forget their first time riding a bike? It’s fun, yet simple to do. Not only is it a cheap alternative as transportation, but also provides great health benefits. If you’re mostly commuting in cities, a bike will definitely get you in your destination faster because of traffic. Riding a bicycle has a speed around 12 mph to 15 mph, so it’ll certainly be faster.

Want more convincing? A group of researchers from University of Illinois found that biking or cycling helps create new brain cells in hippocampus, an area in our brain responsible for our memory. As cycling boosts blood flow, it regenerates receptors and can even prevent Alzheimer’s.

6 Best Commuter Bikes Under £500


DahonVitesse D8 Equipped (2016) Folding Bike

Top features of the DahonVitesse D8 Folding Bike:

  • Alloy folding frame
  • 8 speed drivetrain
  • Only weighs 11.2 kg or 24.7 lbs

Those who want portability and convenience in their hands will love the concept ofDahonVitesse D8 Equipped (2016) Folding Bike. This bike is definitely a gold star performer as it’s fast and lightweight to hold. It features a lattice forged hinge,making this bicycle ultra-light yet tough in performance and strength. The 8 speed rear derailleur also helps this bike to have a smooth gear change along with the single chain set.

To put it briefly, the DahonVitesse D8 Equipped (2016) Folding Bike is made by a company that started way back in 1892 and to this day one of the most respected brands in the world of bicycles. They have revolutionized the world of folding bikes by creating their own.

GT Transeo 5.0 (2017) Hybrid Bike

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Top features of the GT Transeo 5.0 Hybrid Bike:

  • GT All Terra finishing kit such as handlebars, micro adjust seat post and stem using a 6061 aluminum riser
  • Shimano Tourney 3×7 Drivetrain to guarantee dependable shifting despite all sorts of weather conditions
  • Promax Mechancial Disc Brakes to provide steadfast stopping power

Looking for a partner in fitness as well as for transport? Then you’d appreciate having the GT Transeo 5.0 Hybrid Bike. It features a triple triangle frame made from alloy to create a responsive and faster ride. Additionally, it also uses Innova land tracker tires, to give users a one of a kind smooth ride.

For your security, we can ensure you that the GT Transeo 5.0 Hybrid Bike is a trustworthy brand to have as a bike. It is guaranteed that the bike will arrive at your door in perfect condition. It’s the ideal hybrid bike for those looking for a practical bike that they can use in both paved and unpaved roads.

Kona Dew Deluxe (2016)

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Top features of the Kona Dew Deluxe (2016) Bike:

  • Kona 6061 Aluminum Butted Frame
  • Kona finishing kit
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes

Are you the type of rider who likes to ride everywhere? Then you’d enjoy having the Kona Dew Deluxe Bike. This Kona is built with 6061 and 7005 aluminum alloys to ensure you a tough, durable yet affordable bicycle. For better performance and reliable shifting in different kinds of terrain, this one includes a Shimano 9 speed drivetrain. Additionally, for powerful stopping control, it also features the Shimano hydraulic brakes with 160 mm rotors.

Since Kona has been one of the most influential manufacturers of bikes in the market, we’re pretty confident that you’d be in good hands once you have this. As a bonus, the company even offered a 12 month parts warranty along with a 3 year frame warranty.

Bobbin Metric Hybrid Bike

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Top features of the Bobbin Metric Hybrid Bike:

  • Full length mudguards
  • 7 speed drivetrain
  • Kickstand

The Bobbin Metric Hybrid Bike is a 20 inch wheeled bicycle, perfect for those short errands or biking around town. It features a one size frame, which means that it only has 1 size yet it can cater almost everybody. This particular bike was inspired by Japan’s adult bikes, where they’re usually stored in small rooms but always being used. It looks just a regular bike, yet it is very light and slim and definitely lighter than a folding bike.

Additionally, this bike is featured with a Shimano Tourney along with a Shimano rapid fire shifter, so you’re being offered a wide range of gears to get through the day. Moreover, with its front rack and full length mudguards, you’ll be able to hold your belongings well and prevent mud or water off your back.


Bobbin Brownie Blueberry Bike

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Top features of the Bobbin Brownie Blueberry Bike:

  • Tektro side pull brakes
  • Shimano 7 speed drivetrain
  • Hi Ten steel body

The Bobbin Brownie Blueberry is a simple bicycle, designed specifically for women who like biking along hills. It’s a combination of blue frames and cream tires, perfect for strolling around. Now it has the Dutch frame size (52 cm) and 700c wheels. It uses the Shimano rapid fire shifter and Shimano Tourney rear derailleur, so it’s guaranteed that this bike has the capacity to take you around country lanes and towns.

Furthermore, with its full coverage chain guard and mudguards, it’s ensured that the chain won’t mingle with your clothes and you’re protected from all sorts of water or mud on your back. Since Bobbin is one of the few brands that gives importance on quality and looks, their bikes are to die for and definitely worth the money.


Verenti Addition 3

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Verenti Addition 3 – best commuter bike under £500

Top features of the Verenti Addition 3:

  • Features the Shimano 3×9 speed Alivio drivetrain for better and faster drive
  • Made from hydro formed 6061 Aluminum hybrid frame to ensure durability
  • Uses Kenda tires for long lasting use

The Verenti Addition 3 is finished with the new Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and all new Rockshox Paragon forks. It’s specifically designed to be used on quick commutes and day to day rides. With the new forks and disc brakes, less vibration is transported to the rider, making it comfortable for the rider in different kind of weather conditions. On the other hand, Verenti Addition 3 also features several parts from Cosine such as road saddle, alloy reach bar, single bolt alloy seat post and 3D forged stem.

All in all, the Verenti Addition 3 came from a reputable brand that encourages all its riders to take interest in their equipment. For many cyclists, this one is good enough to consider as a commuter bike. If you’re looking for a good commuter bike that fits your bill, then we encourage you to try this one.


After introducing you to the best commuter bikes under £500, we hope we were able to give you an idea which one to get and which one fits your lifestyle. In our defence, we’re confident that that all of the products listed here were tried, tested and fan-favourites, meaning they’re famous for their brand and quality. Worried that your selected bike doesn’t suit you? Well, fortunately, most of these bikes are sold in different sizes, so it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to pick one that’s perfect for your size. Each of the makers and manufacturers above has a complete size chart, so it’s easier to distinguish which one fits your height best.

Through these series of information, we’re hopeful that you were given a complete understanding about commuter bikes in general and why they’re preferable. But, aside from this article, we still encourage you to do your own research about your chosen bike above. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us some of your queries and questions about the products above, or anything about commuter bicycles in general.

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