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Crankalicious – The King Of Clean

July 24, 2017

Purchasing a high-grade bike is significant progress to any bike riding enthusiast/professional. However, with the acquisition comes another task – Maintaining the bike as new. If you wish to keep your bike as new, then purchasing top quality bike cleaning and maintenance products is inevitable. Crankalicious have an amazing range of hand made products. We’ve put to these cleaning and maintenance products to the test including polishes, sprays, sealants, and cleaners.  We are confident that after going through the following reports, selecting the best bike cleaning product(s) should be as easy as pie.

Mayo Jaune frame polish

The Mayo Jaune frame polish is a premium, hand-made bike care product, crafted by Crankalicious. It’s a unique blend of deep cleaning polish and glaze. Therefore, with its regular use, marks and scratches on your bike’s frame will be a thing of the past.  It’s important to mention that the Mayo Jaune frame polish suits use with all gloss frames including powder coat, gloss carbon, and Inc. paint. What’s interesting, this product suits use with a machine polisher to simplify your work while providing the most effective results. Lastly, this bike polish is available in various can sizes. You are therefore free to purchase the unit that best suits your budget.  We highly recommend the Mayo Jaune frame polish for your bike.

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Enduro frame sealant

Cleaning your bike is not a sufficient way of maintaining it as new. You will need a top quality protectant to seal all rust-prone surfaces. The Enduro frame sealant is a product that will get the sealing job done in the best way. It will help you protect your bike from all forms of depreciation. This product adds an incredible gloss and lubrication to the entire bike for effortless subsequent cleaning.  It suits application on all parts of a bike except the rims and the brakes. It’s advisable to apply the Enduro frame sealant on your bike after every wash. Begin to see your bike shine throughout its life time by utilizing this high-performance nano protectant sealant.

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Pineapple Express spray wash

Purchasing a bike cleaning product that lives up to its promises while leaving your bike with a pleasant aroma sounds great, right? Well, the Pineapple Express spray wash is all you need. Crafted in the UK, this product provides you with more than a sufficient reason to clean your bike every once and again. The Pineapple Express spray wash a rapid-acting spray that will always leave all areas in your bike incredibly clean. You can use it on the contact points, brakes, frame among other bike sections.  What’s more, despite its excellent performance, it’s amazing that this product is acid-free, water based and most importantly, environmentally friendly. Furthermore, it augers well with any finish or sealant that you may choose to use on your bike. You can be sure to reap super fruits from the utilization of the Pineapple Express spray wash on your bike.


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Limon Velo degreaser

It’s evident that, from time to time, you will need to remove the clogged oil, road gunk or grease from the derailleurs, drive train, among other sections of your bike. Again, there are times when the bonded contaminants on your bike’s frame will be too tough for the regular bike wash sprays.  Well, at such times, you will need a top quality degreaser to get the job done. For such among other tasks, we recommend the Limon Velo.

The Limon Velo degreaser is a product developed by the Crankalicious Company. It performs best in removing grease, grime or oil from any bike section.  We were impressed by its high viscosity that allows it to dwell longer on your bike thereby eliminating the contaminants effectively. Even more, this degreaser suits use on all bike components and will auger well with any finish.


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Gumchained Remedy chain cleaner


You must agree with us that your bike’s chain, after all it goes through to get you off and back home, deserves a great reward. And what could that be if not a professionally formulated chain cleaning product?

The Gumchained Remedy chain cleaner is a product that is dedicated to maintaining your bike’s chain in the best way.  With its application, you will realize a significant reduction in your bike’s chain friction as well as the pedal effort brought about by contaminants.

What’s interesting, this product suits use with a chain cleaning device for ultra-effective results. However, you can also choose to apply it directly without any equipment. It’s a product that delivers as it promises.

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The Pedaloff team have been more than impressed with the range of Crankalicious products and its performance. You can tell that a lot love, care and attention has gone into the development of these products and that’s only emphasized by being hand made in the UK. The products do exactly what they say on the tin and provide great value for money – Be sure to check out their website for their full range of products and treat yourself, but more importantly, treat your bike!

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