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ABUS GameChanger Helmet Review

October 10, 2017

ABUS GameChanger: Redefining Aerodynamics

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Aerodynamic helmets were a rarity even among performance road cyclists just a few years ago, but things have changed and now they are increasingly becoming popular. Most brands now offer helmets that have some sort of aerodynamic labeling on them. However, not all aero helmets are created equal and some are here to push the limits even further. GameChanger by the German brand ABUS is one of them and aims to redefine aerodynamics.

Developed jointly by designers, engineers and athletes and in cooperation with Movistar team, ABUS GameChanger challenges the norms and offers unique flow patterns that help performance road cyclists combat the headwind, their natural enemy. The aero helmet is a big step up from average helmets and the mainstream and provides the ultimate road cycling experience. It can make a huge difference when cyclists are fighting for every second, thanks to its aerodynamic design that’s meant to change the game.

Jointly developed with the 28-member Movistar team who remained UCI World Tour’s most successful team from 2013 to 2016, the GameChanger helps cyclists achieve top performances and provide them with the needed feeling of safety and comfort. The helmet is a perfect solution for performance-oriented cyclists who want the ultimate in aerodynamics and don’t want to be a part of the mainstream. Some of the core features of the distinctive-looking helmet that help it redefine aerodynamics include its multi-position design for optimized airflows, Forced Air-cooling tech for a more comfortable head-temperature and Multi-Shell In Mold construction for better protection.

ABUS GameChanger

GameChanger Specifications

Size: 51-55cm (small), 55-69cm (medium), 59-63cm (large)

Price: £179.99

Available for: Men

Vented: Interconnected vents, rear vents

Available color options: Movistar team color, Neon Yellow, Celeste Green, Velvet Black, Fuchsia Pink, Steel Blue, Blaze Red and Polar White

Construction: In-mold technology

Pads: Removable and washable

Weight:  270 grams approximately

Certification: CE EN1078


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GameChanger Core Features

Forced Air Cooling Technology

Interconnectivity of all the vents is essential for effective head temperature management and that’s exactly what ABUS GameChanger excels at. Using Forced Air Cooling technology, the helmet provides great climate by channeling the incoming air, resulting in a more comfortable riding experience.

Multi-position Design

Headwind is the natural enemy of any professional cyclist and the more the surface area is exposed to headwind, the greater would be the drag. To counter the issue, GameChanger aero helmet features an innovative Multi Position design that notably reduces the drag, giving cyclists the edge that can mean a lot in the split-second sport. Compared to other top offerings by ABUS, the helmet features 23 percent less frontal-surface area, which results in optimized aerodynamics regardless of the inflow angle and head tilt.

Flow Straps

ABUS GameChanger isn’t just about aerodynamics and optimized airflows as it also focuses on comfort and safety. The FlowStraps ensure the ultimate in comfort and although wind chatter and flutter have already become a thing of the past, this helmet takes it to another level. Fixed webbing arrangement means better adjustability, saving cyclists from the hassle of customization. The innovatively designed straps eliminate wind chatter and flutter, while the aerodynamic FlowStraps (patent pending) ensure a comfortable and skin-friendly riding experience.


Located at the back of the helmet, the AirPort stows glasses safely and quickly and provides the aerodynamic advantage cyclists expect from a top-notch helmet. The AirPort is home to specially designed dock for glasses, which is fully integrated into the overall design of the helmet.

Zoom Ace

Cyclists looking for an individually customized-fit find Zoom Ace quite helpful as it offers a fine adjustment system that comes with a handy wheel. The fit can easily be altered using the Zoom Ace dial that is conveniently located at the pack. The ratchet system can be adjusted quickly and easily on the move using one hand. This allows cyclists to conveniently adjust the helmet for a perfect fit.

In-Mold Technology

In-mold technology involves foaming the inner shell under the outer shell, which results in a more durable connection between the outer shell and the helmet material (shock absorbing). High pressure and strong heat is used during the manufacturing process for complete fusion, lightness and stability.


Release and Availability

ABUS GameChanger was first spotted on Movistar team’s heads in March at Milan San Remo. In addition to Movistar team color, the aero helmet is available in seven different colors i.e. Neon Yellow, Celeste Green, Velvet Black, Fuchsia Pink, Steel Blue, Blaze Red and Polar White. Available at a price tag of £179.99 in the UK through ZyroFisher, it comes is small, medium and large sizes. Many athletes have already worn the helmet at sport’s highest level, which clearly indicates it’s not just another aero helmet and part of the crowd.

Although ABUS has not provided any concrete figures about the real-world aero performance of GameChanger, cyclists can certainly feel lid’s stability and wet weather protection. This makes the helmet a great companion during the winters and results in a more comfortable experience.

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GameChanger Pros:

Futuristic design

High stability

Optimized aerodynamics

Slim profile

Consistent performance in different positions

Frontal, rear and top air vents

Easy storage slot for glasses at the back

Central sliding spar

Stitched straps prevent flapping

Ideal for winters


GameChanger Cons:

Limited availability

Can overheat in hot weather and while climbing




If you are looking for a helmet that’s not part of the crowd, offers excellent stability in the wind and improved comfort, ABUS GameChanger is a very interesting aerodynamic helmet. However, it can make you feel a little uncomfortable during hot summers and while climbing. A more ventilated helmet is better suitable for such hot and humid conditions as GameChanger focuses more on aerodynamic stability.

A 23 percent reduction in drag compared to other top ABUS helmets means cyclists get an edge in the competitive sport. Although other high-end helmets also feel stable in most conditions, the GameChanger offers even better stability in windy conditions due to its optimized aerodynamics. The slim profile and an elongated shape work well to reduce aero drag in different head positions. Overall, ABUS GameChanger is a great alternative to other high-end but generic helmets and offers much more than just aerodynamic stability.

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