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Best Bike For 4 Year Old

November 1, 2017

So you’re looking for the best bike for 4 year old? One of the most common sports in a child is cycling. Young children start cycling from as low as four years of age. This is good if you want your children to be active in their everyday life. Many parents decide to indulge their children in other activities, but a physical activity like cycling helps in overall growth and improved metabolism of the body, especially for the young ones.

If you also want them to have an amazing first experience, you should be very careful in buying the right bike for your young one. When purchasing the first bike, especially that for a 4 year old, you should be careful about multiple things. We have highlighted a few of them in the review below which will help you in buying the best bike for 4 year old.


  1. Weight: Talking about 4 year old, you must be finding a bike which is weighing less. Unlike adults, they will find it difficult to have a good balance if the weight of the bike is high. A good weight of the bike is considered to be almost 12 pounds. This is because we feel that the bike should make up about 40% of the weight of the child and not more than that.


  1. Wheel Size: The right wheel size for an average 4 year old is considered to be either 14 inches or 16 inches. Most of the times, the 14 inches tire works well for most 4 year old. If your child has a low height, you should choose the 12-inches tires for the bike. However, do not depend entirely on the wheel size because it doesn’t assure the overall height of the bike.


  1. Seat and handlebar height: The seat size is considered to be one of the most accurate forms of judging the size of the bike. A 12-inch motorcycle may have a higher seat than a 14-inch one which means that the size can vary according to the seat adjustments. Also, this includes handlebar adjustments as well. Handlebar can be taller as well, just in line with the seat. Make sure your child can sit well on the seat, and his feet touch the ground on idle position if it is his first bike. In case of the second bike, seat height can be taller as well.


  1. Brakes: Since your child is going to be having his first biking experience, he needs to have neither too hard nor too soft brakes. In both extreme cases, he can face accidents. As young children are not familiar with brakes, too hard can lead to sudden stops or slip. In the case of the too soft brake, the obvious result is an accident. Make sure you get the right brakes. Considered better are the caliper brakes and the coaster brakes. The coaster brakes allow the user to have the bike running even if not being paddled. Also, make sure that the lever for pressing brakes is soft enough for kids.


  1. Geometry: The distance between the rider and the handlebar should not be too close otherwise the legs of the rider can feel strain or high fatigue. Also, there should be some clearance when the bike is idle and the child is standing on his feet on the ground. This concept is known as Stand over height which should be enough to avoid the contact of the body with the

Let’s have a look at some of the best bike for 4 year old:

On top of the line, we have this wonderful bike for kids. It is available in 4 different sizes of 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, and 18 inches. Multiple color choices are available as well so that the young ones can choose a color according to their wish. The design is an appealing one for both the male and female riders. Having a Unique square-tube frame, this bike is quite durable and long-lasting. The tire thickness is 2.4 inches. This is a wide length which adds up to the stability and comfort of the young rider.

Other important and useful features that make it the best bike for 4 year old include the drive terrain. This bike doesn’t come with the gearing function and works on a single crank. The front brakes are handbrakes whereas the rear sides work with coaster brake mechanism; both of which add to the safety level of the rider. Let’s analyze the benefits and drawbacks of having this bike.


  • Multiple size availability assures you that you will get the right and exact size according to the height of your child.
  • Chain guard protector is there which adds up to the stability level of the rider.
  • Training wheels are also provided so that the child can make his balance quickly.


  • Doesn’t come pre-assembled so you might require the services of an expert to get this bike arranged.

Vitus Fourteen Kids Bike - Click Here For Latest Price

Second, we have this amazing kid’s bike that comes in one size only which is 14 inches. However, 3 types of colour combinations are provided. One of the best things about having this bike is the fact that it is longer and the distance between the handlebar and the seat is great. Being made out of aluminium, it becomes quite light in weight, i.e., 14.1 pounds and long-lasting when it comes to durability.

Since kids have smaller hands, the brake levers are also small in size so that they can apply brakes comfortably. Another great thing is the fact that it comes with a 12-month parts warranty along with 2-year frame warranty as well.  For this reason, we again call it as one of the best bike for 4 year old.


  • High-quality kenda tires are used which will not wear out easily
  • Chain guard is included which will protect the chain from rust and other dirt elements
  • Warranty is provided by the company on parts as well as the frame to assure you of the high quality of the product.


  • Only one wheel size is available which means young kids with a specific height can use this bike only.

Tauki Kid Bike BMX Bike for Boys and Girls - Click HERE For Latest Price

The Tauki Kid Bike is yet another one in our list, but this is different in the way that it comes 95% preassembled. Only some minor adjustment has to be done. It is available in 6 colors as well as 2 sizes including 12 inches and 16 inches. Your child will truly love this bike because this bike has an adjustable handlebar and seat height making it the right choice for years to come.

The tires are most suitable for young kids because they are wide and that makes them stable. The 2-1/8″ wide pneumatic tires increase the grip on dirt tracks as well. The company gives free portable pump as well as other standard tools to assist the user in solving common problems. This is a strong contender for best bike for 4 year old.


  • Long lasting coat finish adds to the beauty as well as the durability of the bike
  • Coaster brakes allow the rider to stop easily which reduces the chances of accidents
  • Company provides a good warranty policy to make sure users don’t face any unexpected problems


  • Many users complained that there should be a 14-inch size too since it is quite common. The 12-year size was the least sold and the majority went for a 16-inch bike.

Another small yet amazing bike for all the kids is this bike by Yamaha. Made for your little ones and those who are short in height, this bike is available in 12-inches model only. It comes with training wheels as well so the kids who are unable to balance them out properly can learn to balance easily. Coaster brakes are used which will make this best bike for 4 year old a very safe one. In addition to that, a steel seat is present which may appear as uncomfortable to many users.

Plastic mini pedals are used since this is one of the smallest bikes which is mainly designed for 3.5 – 4 year old riders. Yamaha claims that only 30 minutes are required for the assembly of this BMX Bike.


  • Strong frame material, e.g., steel has been used to add to the durability of this bike
  • BMX Knobby tires are installed which can be used in the rough terrains as well
  • Different and unique design which can be appealing to the riders


  • The seat is not like regular seats and has a steel top with low cushion. This means that it might not be a suitable one for longer rides.

Paw Patrol 12" Bicycle - Click HERE For Latest Price

This bike has a unique design which allows the riders to use this bike efficiently. Young riders can fit themselves in a comfortable position. It doesn’t come with the regular coaster braking. It works on the principle of slowing down with the pedals.

The company has fixed an amazing pair of training wheels which will be helping your child while learning his first few riding lessons. The seat is adjustable and easily removable as well. The number plate is a 3D character one which can add up to the beauty of this bike. In this way, your child might love to ride this bike. Customers who bought this bike seemed quite satisfied which made us put this bike in the best bike for 4 year old category.


  • A comfortable stand over frame allows the rider to relax when the bike is on idle
  • Height adjustments mean that it can be used for a long period
  • Attractive color and design can be eye-catching for the riders


  • The weight of this bike is 19 pounds which might be higher for the young ones. However, to counter this, supporting wheels are provided as well.

Balance Bike For 4 Year Old

The main difference between a normal bike and a balance bike is that a balance bike doesn’t have pedals. Unlike a pedaled bike, it is used for a short period and only made to let the young ones learn how to balance themselves on the bikes. Also, there is no chain, and it has a very simple design. For toddlers or young ones, the balance bikes are considered to be their first bikes. Are you also looking for the right balance bike? If yes, then continue reading this review where we have two amazing balance bikes for your child.

Strider - 12 Sport Balance Bike - Click HERE For Latest Price

Every new step will be a step towards perfection and achieving maximum balance. This balance bike is also one of the best for children up to 4 year old. There are 8 different colours and the size adjustment can be done by adjusting the seat and handlebars. The best part is that no tool is required to make any adjustment. The work gets done easy.

Weighing only 6.7 pounds, the child can easily ride this bike with no control problems. The steel frame makes it quite durable which means it will last for years to come. The padded seat will provide utmost comfort to the rider. Basically, it doesn’t have any major flaw. Another great contender for best bike for 4 year old.


  • Ranked as number 1 on under balance bikes
  • Provides good learning to the young ones along with an attractive design
  • Maximum comfort while riding due to the soft padded seat


  • It may seem expensive than others

Banana Bike - Balance Bike for Kids - Click HERE For Latest Price

In case you are not having too much budget for the option 1, you can have a look at this balance bike by Banana bikes. The banana bike is also the best bike for 4 year old. With an improved and updated design, it becomes easy to ride and trains your children on how to maintain balance. It is made for both boys and girls which is why it is in three different colours of green, blue, and pink.

Though light in weight, it is quite strong when it comes to the frame. The best part about having this bike is that it is puncture proof. Your child will never be grounded now and he can always have maximum fun with his own balance bike. It is ranked as number 5 on


  • The bike doesn’t require any inflation
  • Easy to ride and best for learning cycling
  • Weighs only 7.3 pounds


  • Requires some assembly


In this review we have talked about numerous bikes which are considered as the best bike for 4 year old. Take a look at both the balance bikes and the pedal bikes and see which one you should buy as the first bike for your child. We recommend having a balance bike if your child is too small, but you can have a pedal bike as well if you think you can give time to him in his initial training. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. Also, visit and see how other users felt after making their purchases on the bike you choose. We hope that you and your child have the most wonderful experience for cycling. Get yours now and gift him/her right away!

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