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Best Folding Bike under £500

July 28, 2017

Looking to purchasing a folding bike? Well, that’s an excellent idea! Bikes have proved to be one of the cheapest and healthiest methods of transport for years. In a town with heavy traffic, bicycles could also get you home, to school or workplace faster than a car. Using bikes to get to from A to B comes with several benefits, and it’s good that you want to utilize them. But what is the best folding bike in the market and what are key considerations when shopping for a folding bike? Look no further, Pedaloff has reviewed and tested dozens of folding bikes to bring you the best folding bike under £500.

What makes the best folding bike?

Just like buying a car, deciding on the best bike to buy can be stressful. It is not easy to settle on the brand and the model. If you have the money, it is tempting to skip the evaluation process. Some buyers just make the payment, but they end up regretting the decision. To buy the top folding bike for your budget, you must pay attention to several factors. Besides, price alone is not enough to guarantee that the bike is good enough.

You need to consider personal factors such as purpose and the type of folding bike that best fits you. This is the most practical buying guide to the best budget folding-bike.

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Best Commuter Bikes Under £500

May 23, 2017

So you’re planning to get a bike that you can use around town, kudos! You’re not only saving money, but you’re also promoting fitness that benefits health. Not to mention, you might even arrive at your destination faster than a car. There’s no denying that commuting using bikes has brought so many upsides that lots of companies invest in it.

Commuter bikes can be categorized as hybrid bikes which have the qualities of both mountain and road bikes. They have big padded seats along with upright handlebars enough to give the rider a comfy riding position. They can be ridden in both paved and unpaved roads, although they’re not as light as road bikes and not suitable for rough bike trails. A hybrid bike typically features a semi-smooth tread and medium width tires; this is to give you a ride smooth enough to ride on pavement yet able to ride through unpaved trails.

Bicycles were invented in 19th century and as of now; there are more than a billion of bicycles worldwide. Before, it was only considered as a means of transportation, but now it’s also treated as a way to exercise. Certainly, you’re here not just to know about bikes, but considering having one for yourself. Here in this article, we’re going to tackle the best commuter bikes under £500.

Choosing a commuter bike isn’t an easy task to do, it’s almost like buying a new car, but of course minus the big sums of money. Whether you’re planning to use a bike every day or every other day, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be spending a significant time riding it, so you might as well pick one that is best for your budget.


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7 Best Hybrid Bikes for men – Reviews and buying Guide

October 18, 2016

 Best Hybrid Bikes For Men – Product Review Table

Link Model Number of Gears Brakes Forks Frames Material Wheel Size Price Star Rating Kona Rove AL (2017) Hybrid Bike 16 Disk Brakes Rigid 12.5kg – Aluminum 700C £££££ ☼☼☼☼☼ Avanti Giro F 1 (2016) 24 V-Brakes Rigid Aluminium 700c £ ☼☼☼ Wiggle Hybrid Bike 21 V-Brakes Rigid Aluminium -12.5 700c £ ☼☼ GT Transeo 4 (2016 24 Disk Brakes Suspension alloy – 14.26 700c £££ ☼☼☼☼☼ Eastway Flyback H1 (Tiagra – 2016) 20 Disk Brakes Rigid Carbon Aluminium -9.75 700c £££££ ☼☼☼☼ Verenti Division 2 (2016) 27 Disk Brakes rigid Aluminium -11.7 700c ££ ☼☼☼ Felt Verza Speed 40 (2017) 24 V-Brakes rigid Aluminum 700c ££££ ☼☼☼

What Is A Hybrid Bike?

First and foremost let’s clarify what a hybrid bike is. A hybrid bike is a general purpose bike which can be used for on and off-road cycling. They use the thinner wheels of a road bike for speed along with flat, straight handlebars from a mountain bike which encourages an upright cycling position. Due to this Hybrid bikes are easier to ride which makes them a common choice are for beginners, children, commuters and casual riders.

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