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ABUS GameChanger Helmet Review

October 10, 2017

ABUS GameChanger: Redefining Aerodynamics

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Aerodynamic helmets were a rarity even among performance road cyclists just a few years ago, but things have changed and now they are increasingly becoming popular. Most brands now offer helmets that have some sort of aerodynamic labeling on them. However, not all aero helmets are created equal and some are here to push the limits even further. GameChanger by the German brand ABUS is one of them and aims to redefine aerodynamics.

Developed jointly by designers, engineers and athletes and in cooperation with Movistar team, ABUS GameChanger challenges the norms and offers unique flow patterns that help performance road cyclists combat the headwind, their natural enemy. The aero helmet is a big step up from average helmets and the mainstream and provides the ultimate road cycling experience. It can make a huge difference when cyclists are fighting for every second, thanks to its aerodynamic design that’s meant to change the game.

Jointly developed with the 28-member Movistar team who remained UCI World Tour’s most successful team from 2013 to 2016, the GameChanger helps cyclists achieve top performances and provide them with the needed feeling of safety and comfort. The helmet is a perfect solution for performance-oriented cyclists who want the ultimate in aerodynamics and don’t want to be a part of the mainstream. Some of the core features of the distinctive-looking helmet that help it redefine aerodynamics include its multi-position design for optimized airflows, Forced Air-cooling tech for a more comfortable head-temperature and Multi-Shell In Mold construction for better protection.

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Product Reviews

Crankalicious – The King Of Clean

July 24, 2017

Purchasing a high-grade bike is significant progress to any bike riding enthusiast/professional. However, with the acquisition comes another task – Maintaining the bike as new. If you wish to keep your bike as new, then purchasing top quality bike cleaning and maintenance products is inevitable. Crankalicious have an amazing range of hand made products. We’ve put to these cleaning and maintenance products to the test including polishes, sprays, sealants, and cleaners.  We are confident that after going through the following reports, selecting the best bike cleaning product(s) should be as easy as pie.

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Nut-R Is The Future of Cycling Videos

February 20, 2017


Earlier on this year we were fortunate enough to work with Nut-R for our 5000 follower giveaway on Instagram. Two lucky @Pedaloff_UK followers won an axle camera mount for them and a friend to test out and we are sure they won’t be disappointing!


Nut-R was founded in 2015 with the intention to use a passion of sport, engineering and speed to bring innovative new products to the cycling market. Unlike corporate brands who have limited freedom to explore new products, Nut-R have used their engineering background and passion for cycling to create a fantastic, unique product that will change the way you capture your cycling adventures.

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Product Reviews

Top 3 Bicycle Repair Stands Reviewed

November 24, 2016

Are you hands on with your bike? Forever tweaking, adjusting or even cleaning? Then a bicycle repair stand will save you hours of time, trapped fingers and expletives.  We have put dozens of bicycle repair stands through their paces to find the right bicycle repair stand for you.

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